Research Paper Volume 1, Issue 3 pp 335—349

Activation of p73 and induction of Noxa by DNA damage requires NF-kappa B


Figure 6. p73 induces Noxa promoter. (A) SaOS-2 cells were transfected with 1 μg of pcDNA3 control vector, p73α or p73β expression vectors along with the following luciferase reporter plasmids: Noxa promoter reporter, Noxa promoter p53 mutant reporter, PG13-Luc p53 reporter or NF3TK-Luc NF-κB reporter (as control). 48 hr after transfection luciferase activity was compared. Results are expressed as fold induction above mock (empty pcDNA3 vector) control. (B) p73 activation in p65 null and reconstituted cells. Cells were treated with 10μM etoposide for 24 hr and p73 levels determined by immunoblotting with a pan-p73 antibody.