Priority Research Paper Volume 1, Issue 6 pp 515—528

Inhibition of mammalian S6 kinase by resveratrol suppresses autophagy


Figure 3. Resveratrol suppresses autophagy independently of SIRT1. HEK293 cells stably expressing GFP-LC3 were transfected with either a control siRNA (A) or an siRNA directed against SIRT1 (B) for 72 hours. Subsequently, cells were subjected to nutrient starvation with or without 50 μM resveratrol (Res) treatment for 4 hours. 40X magnification fields have been cropped and zoomed for ease of punctae visualization. (C) Quantification of punctae/cell from (A) and (B) of 4 fields are represented as a percentage of fed DMSO treated control siRNA cells. Error bars represent s.d.m. (D) Representative western blot showing typical knockdown of SIRT1 by siRNA transfection in HEK293 GFP-LC3 cells.