Priority Research Paper Volume 1, Issue 6 pp 515—528

Inhibition of mammalian S6 kinase by resveratrol suppresses autophagy


Figure 4. Resveratrol inhibits S6K1 in vitro. (A) Structural similarity between resveratrol and quercetin, a known kinase inhibitor. (B) Kinase inhibition profile for resveratrol at 20 μM obtained using KinaseProfiler™ (Upstate). Dashed line represents 100% activity as compared to control. Black filled-in bar on the graph indicates S6K1. Complete data set is provided in Supplementary Table 1. Error bars represent s.d.m. (C) Phosphorylation of recombinant GST-tagged S6 by immunoprecipitated HA-S6K1 under increasing concentrations of resveratrol (Res). Autoradiograph depicts S6K1 phosphorylation of GST-S6. (D) Average of three separate kinase assay experiments as performed in (C). Densitometry was performed using NIH ImageJ. Error bars represent s.e.m.