Priority Research Paper Volume 1, Issue 6 pp 515—528

Inhibition of mammalian S6 kinase by resveratrol suppresses autophagy


Figure 7. Resveratrol does not affect autophagy in the absence of S6K1. (A) HEK293 GFPLC3 cells were infected with shRNA S6K1 lentivirus or control virus and treated with EBSS (Starved) for 4 hrs ± 50 μM resveratrol (Res). Representative fields at 63X (oil immersion) magnification are shown. (B) Quantification of punctae/cell from (A) of at least 4 fields per treatment are represented as a percentage of DMSO treated starved vector control cells. Error bars represent s.e.m. N.S. = not significant.