Research Perspective Volume 1, Issue 10 pp 870—874

Dopamine suppresses octopamine signaling in C. elegans: possible involvement of dopamine in the regulation of lifespan

Figure 1. Regulation of CREB activation in the SIA neurons.. In the presence of food, dopamine is released from the dopaminergic neurons and activates the dopamine receptor DOP-3 in the RIC neurons, possibly to decrease octopamine release. Dopamine also inhibits octopamine-mediated signaling in the SIA neurons through the dopamine receptors DOP-2 and DOP-3. In the absence of food, cessation of dopamine signaling results in octopamine-mediated CREB activation through the octopamine receptor SER-3. Exposure to water also induces CREB activation in the SIA neurons independently of dopamine and octopamine.