Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 3 pp 133—159

A Two-tiered compensatory response to loss of DNA repair modulates aging and stress response pathways


Figure 6. Somatic preservation through modulation of AIR-2 and PLK-1 signaling networks in nth-1;xpa-1.. Genes encoding proteins known to stimulate AIR-2 and PLK-1 signaling are downregulated in nth-1;xpa-1: Plk-1 is known to stimulate activation of CDK-1, several cyclin B proteins and a G2/M specific cyclin A through CDC-25.1. Furthermore, PLK-1 and AIR-2 signaling coordinates cytokinesis and mitotic signaling at kinetochores via in the inner centromere ICP-1, regulates mitosis and cytokinesis through CYK-4 and ZEN-4, and could prevent firing of dormant replication origins via downregulation of MCM2-7. An inhibitor of AIR-2 activation, GSP-2, is one of the few upregulated genes.