Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 3 pp 133—159

A Two-tiered compensatory response to loss of DNA repair modulates aging and stress response pathways


Figure 7. Oxidative stress is induced upon depletion of NTH-1 or XPA-1. The CL2166 reporter strain harbouring a GFP under the control of the gst-4 promoter was used to determine whether reduction of BER or NER, via nth-1(RNAi) and xpa-1(RNAi) respectively, or both pathways induces oxidative stress. A significant increase in GST-4 foci compared to the empty vector control (L4440 (n = 97)) was observed in animals treated with RNAi against NTH-1 (n = 57) or XPA-1 (n = 95) (p<0.0001) using Student's t-test). Co-depletion of NTH-1 and XPA-1 (n= 46) did not give more GST-4 positive foci (p = 0,507). GST-4 positive foci induced by paraquat (100 μM) was included as a positive control (n = 50).