Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 3 pp 133—159

A Two-tiered compensatory response to loss of DNA repair modulates aging and stress response pathways


Figure 8. Compensatory responses specific for endogenous stressors. (A) Increase in the oxidative stress response do not confer resistance to juglone. Viability was scored as touch-provoked movement after 24 hour recovery from one hour exposure of young adults to juglone. Mean survival (+/- standard error of the mean) relative to untreated control was calculated from five independent experiments comprising a total of 250-350 animals. (B) Lack of nth-1 rescues the lifespan of an xpa-1 mutant. Synchronized L4 larvae were placed on NGM plates at t = 0, incubated at 20°C, and transferred daily to fresh plates during the egg-laying period. The worms were monitored daily for touched-provoked movement; animals that failed to respond were considered dead. The xpa-1 mutant shows a reduced lifespan compared to nth-1 and nth-1;xpa-1 and wild type, N2.