Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 5 pp 285—297

Circadian clock proteins control adaptation to novel environment and memory formation


Figure 6. Circadian mutant mice do not demonstrate anxiety phenotype. (Upper panel, left) Average horizontal velocity for all genotypes measured during 1h on days 1 and 2. Average velocity does not significantly differ between wt and Bmal1-/- animals; slight (~15%) but statistically significant decrease in average velocity is detected for Clock/Clock and Cry1,2-/- mice compared with wt and Bmal1-/-. (Upper panel, right) Cumulative time spent in the center for all genotypes measured during 1 hr on days 1 and 2. (Lower panel) Time spent in the center square of the open field arena on days 1 and 2 by wt, Clock/Clock, Bmal1-/-, and Cry1,2-/- mice. *P<0.05.