Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 7 pp 432—444

LIM-domain proteins TRIP6 and LPP associate with shelterin to mediate telomere protection


Figure 1. Localization and DNA binding activity of the POT1 C allele. (A) Expression levels of MYC-or GFP-tagged alleles in HTC75 cells. The full-length (FL, 71kD), POT1∆OB (∆OB, MW 57kD) and POT1∆C(∆C, MW 43kD) are shown along a vector-only control. Blots probed with the 9E10 (anti-MYC) (left) or 978 (anti-POT1) antibodies (right) are shown. (B) Gel shift assay for GST-POT1 and GST-POT1∆C. A 32P-labelled oligonucleo-tide containing the POT1 minimal binding site was incubated with the amounts of GST fusion protein shown on top. The free probe is visible at the bottom of the autoradiogram. (C) Intranuclear localization of GFP-NLS-POT1 and GFP-NLS-POT1∆C. The GFP-tagged protein is detected in the FITC channel (left), and telomeres are stained with an anti-TRF1 antibody (371, middle panels). The overlay is shown in the right panels.