Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 7 pp 432—444

LIM-domain proteins TRIP6 and LPP associate with shelterin to mediate telomere protection


Figure 2. The LIM domains of TRIP6 interact with POT1∆C by yeast two-hybrid. (A) Top: His phenotypes of the B40 strain carrying the pLexA-POT1∆C bait plasmid and the plasmids shown on the right side, including the b12 positive clone and another recovered clone, c3, which proved negative upon retransformation. Bottom: Patch LacZ assay of the same strains, showing that the b12 clone activates the LacZ reporter gene as well. (B) Liquid β-Gal assays using the B40 yeast strain and the bait plasmids shown at the bottom, with the GAD vector or GAD-b2 clone. The b2 clone activates LacZ with LexA-POT1 or LexA-POT1∆C, but not with LexA-TRF1. The standard deviations were calculated on three independent yeast colonies, each assayed three times.