Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 7 pp 432—444

LIM-domain proteins TRIP6 and LPP associate with shelterin to mediate telomere protection


Figure 4. TRIP6 and LPP co-immunoprecipitate with several shelterin components. (A) IP-Western blots on lysates made from HTC75 cells obtained through retroviral transduction, stably expressing MYC-TRIP6 (50kD) (the vector only control is shown on the left). The lysates were used for immunoprecipitations with the antibodies listed on top, and analyzed for the amounts of MYC-TRIP6 by Western blot with the 9E10 antibody. The Total fraction was ran alongside as indicated. The POT1 sera were the anti-epitope #4955 (left panel), and the anti¬baculovirus POT1 #1048 (right panel). (B) Same as A, as with a MYC-LPP (66kD) expressing HTC75 cells.