Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 7 pp 432—444

LIM-domain proteins TRIP6 and LPP associate with shelterin to mediate telomere protection


Figure 5. TRIP6 and LPP are detected at telomeres by ChIP. (A) Chromatin immunoprecipitations with fixed lysates prepared from HTC75 cell lines indicated on the left. The antibodies used are listed on top (I=Immune, PI=PreImmune), and the Total DNA fraction is on the right side of each blot as indicated. Extracted DNA samples were dot-blotted on Nitrocellulose, and probed with a TTAGGG probe (top), or with an Alu probe (bottom) as a control. The yields calculated for the samples probed with Alu were all below 0.5%. (B) Histogram of the values for the yields as % of total DNA of the samples shown in A.