Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 7 pp 432—444

LIM-domain proteins TRIP6 and LPP associate with shelterin to mediate telomere protection


Figure 6. Depletion of TRIP6 or LPP leads to TIF formation. (A) Immunofluorescence showing the intranuclear localization of p53BP1 in TRIP6¬depleted HTC75 cells (middle panels), LPP-depleted cells (right panels) or control siRNA (GFP, left). The detected fluorescence (DAPI, FITC for TRF2, TRITC for p53BP1) is indicated on the left, and white triangle point to the co¬localized TRF2-p53BP1 foci. (B) Histogram of the values for co-localized p53BP1 and TRF2 foci (left, greater than 3, right, greater than 5 per nucleus) as a percent of the total nuclei counted. 100 nuclei were counted for each set, and the standard deviations were calculated on three separate experiments.