Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 9 pp 582—596

ATM-independent, high-fidelity nonhomologous end joining predominates in human embryonic stem cells


Figure 2. Repair by NHEJ monitored by genomic DNA qPCR. (A) Time course exhibiting an increase in SYBR green fluorescence after amplification by qPCR in hESCs (left panel). Polyacrylamide gel showing the NHEJ repair product at ~125 base pair fragment at the indicated times (right panel). (B) Relative NHEJ levels after infection with Ad-SceI adenovirus with 30 MOI at 24 h. Fold (x) and statistical significance indicates changes in the relative repair levels when compared to the Ad-SceI infected sample. The difference in increases in the relative quantity of NHEJ at 27 h in (A) compared to 24 h in (B) is mostly due to a difference in the values obtained from the samples without I-SceI between the two data sets.