Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 9 pp 582—596

ATM-independent, high-fidelity nonhomologous end joining predominates in human embryonic stem cells


Figure 8. PARPi functions in hESC and induces repair foci but does not affect NHEJ. (A) PARPi inhibits PARP in hESCs. Images (top panel) and graphical depiction (bottom panel) of γ-H2AX foci in hESCs and NPs aftercells were treated with PARPi at 3 μM for 16 h. (B) PARPi does not affect NHEJ in hESCs. BG01V/NHEJ-red cells were treated with PARPi for 16 h and collected at 24 h after Ad-SceI infection. (Columns) Relative qPCR levels was normalized to β-actin; (Error bars) SEM of three samples. No statistical significance was found between treated and untreated sample.