Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 10 pp 678—690

Intracellular protein glycosylation modulates insulin mediated lifespan in C. elegans


Figure 1. Elevated O-GlcNAc levels extend adult lifespan in C. elegans.. (A) The oga-1(ok1207) mutant has an extended adult lifespan while the ogt-1(ok1474) mutant has a reduced lifespan relative to wild-type animals, assayed at 20°C. Lifespan curves are based on pooled data from multiple replicates described in Table 1. (B) OGA-1 and OGT-1 regulate cellular O-GlcNAc-modified protein levels. Western blot of total animal extract from ogt-1(ok1474), wild-type, and oga-1(ok1207) animals probed with antibodies against O-GlcNAc and tubulin showing marked differences in total O-GlcNAcylated protein levels. (C) Lifespan extension in the oga-1 mutant is DAF-16-dependent, as seen in the reduced lifespan of the oga-1(ok1207); daf-16(mu86) double mutant relative to the oga-1(ok1207) single mutant. (D) Loss of O-GlcNAc modification, in the daf-2(e1370); ogt-1(ok1474) double mutant, reduces the extended lifespan of the daf-2(e1370) mutant. Control curves are re-plotted to facilitate comparisons in panels A, C, and D.