Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 10 pp 678—690

Intracellular protein glycosylation modulates insulin mediated lifespan in C. elegans


Figure 2. Elevated O-GlcNAc modification of proteins does not increase adult lifespan further in long-lived insulin signaling pathway mutant animals. (A and B) Lifespan of age-1(hx546) and sgk-1(ok538) mutants is dependent on protein O-GlcNAc modification as seen in age-1; ogt-1 (A) and sgk-1; ogt-1 (B) double mutants. (C and D) The adult lifespan extension associated with the oga-1(ok1207) mutant is not synergistic or additive with mutations of the long-lived insulin signaling pathway kinase age-1 (C) or sgk-1 (D). Lifespan curves (A-D) are based on pooled data from multiple replicates as described in Table 1. Control curves are re-plotted to facilitate comparisons in panels A-D.