Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 1 pp 44—54

Alterations of retinal pigment epithelium cause AMD-like retinopathy in senescence-accelerated OXYS rats


Figure 4. (a) Ultrastructure of pigment epithelium of 25-months-old OXYS rat. Selected area is shown under high magnification. Lip – lipofuscin material, N – retinal pigment epithelial cell nucleus. (b) Region of pigment epithelium of 25-months-old OXYS rat. Retina injure was estimated as 3 units. INL – inner nuclear layer, where the body and nucleus of interneurones is lied; OPL – outer plexiform layer – where axon of photoreceptor and dendrite of interneurone are in contact; ONL – outer nuclear layer, body and nucleus of photoreceptors; PRL – photoreceptors, RPE – retinal pigment epithelial cell. Arrow shown the blood vessel.