Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 3 pp 237—261

Ubiquitin over-expression phenotypes and ubiquitin gene molecular misreading during aging in Drosophila melanogaster


Figure 2. Conditional transgene expression. Flies of the indicated genotypes were cultured for one week on food supplemented +/− DOX, as indicated. (A, B) Doxycycline regulated expression of the TetO-GFP and TetO-DsRED reporters. GFP and DsRED images of live, CO2-anesthetized flies were generated using the LeicaMZFLIII fluorescence stereomicroscope, and are overlayed with the visible image. A. The rtTA(3)E2 driver was crossed to the TetO-GFP[8] reporter line. B. The TO-daughterless driver was crossed to the TetO-DsRED[26B] reporter line. (C, D) Northern analysis. Total RNA was isolated from 30 flies, quantified by spectrophotometer, and 5μg (1X) and 10μg (2X) amounts were loaded for each sample. The resultant blot was hybridized with the indicated gene-specific probes. (C) Control flies and hUbb transgenic fly strains. D. hUbb+1 transgenic fly strain.