Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 3 pp 237—261

Ubiquitin over-expression phenotypes and ubiquitin gene molecular misreading during aging in Drosophila melanogaster


Figure 5. Comparison of human and Drosophila ubiquitin gene sequences. (A) The GAGAG hotspot for MM in the human polyubiqitin-B gene (hUBB) is indicated by underline, and the GT dinucleotide deleted upon MM is indicated in purple, located at position +224 of the mRNA. Single letter amino acid code indicates the translation frame produced upon deletion of the GT dinucleotide. The corresponding region is indicated for the Drosophila polyubiqitin genes DmUbi-p63E and DmUbi-p5E. (B) The +1 epitope of the human Ubb+1 protein is indicated in red, alongside the corresponding regions of the predicted Drosophila Ub+1 proteins. (C) The potential +1 epitope encoded by the 5? sequences of the single hUbb repeat in the hUbb construct is presented. Translation of the entire hUbb construct transcript in each reading frame is presented in Supplemental Figure S1.