Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 2 pp 108—124

The microRNA cluster miR-106b~25 regulates adult neural stem/progenitor cell proliferation and neuronal differentiation


Figure 4. Expression of the entire miR-106b~25 cluster also enhances adult NSPC proliferation. NSPCs were infected with an empty control retrovirus (expressing a GFP marker only) or a retrovirus expressing miR-106b, miR-93, and miR-25 simultaneously (miR-106b~25). NSPCs were grown to full neurospheres for about 1 week after infection before miRNA expression and proliferation were analyzed. (A) miR-106b, miR-93, and miR-25 expression was assessed with RT-qPCR in control versus miR-106b~25-overexpressing NSPCs. Mean and SEM of 4 independent NSPC cultures (age 12-14 weeks, passage 5-14) are shown. (B) Representative photos for each condition. Scale bar: 100 μm. (C) Control and miR-106b~25-overexpressing NSPCs were dissociated and incubated with EdU or BrdU for 1 hour. Mean and SEM of the proportion of EdU+ or BrdU+ cells for each condition, for 6 experiments on independent NSPC cultures (age 12-14 weeks, passage 3-14), are shown. Paired two-tailed t-test, *: p<0.05.