Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 2 pp 108—124

The microRNA cluster miR-106b~25 regulates adult neural stem/progenitor cell proliferation and neuronal differentiation


Figure 6. miR-25 targets genes involved in TGFβ and insulin/IGF signaling. (A) The PANTHER gene classification program was used to analyze TargetScan-predicted conserved targets for mouse miR-25 (~600 targets total). Shown are the top 5 biological pathways (ordered by Bonferroni-corrected binomial test p-values). (B) The GSEA program was used to analyze the same TargetScan-predicted target list as in (A), using the Canonical Pathways and GO Gene Sets categories. Shown are the top 5 categories (ordered by hypergeometric distribution-generated p-values). (C) The DIANA-microT program was used to generate a stringent list of mouse miR-25 targets. Shown are the top KEGG categories (ordered by Pearson's chi-square test p-values). (D) Pathway diagrams based on those in PANTHER Pathways for TGFβ and insulin/IGF-Akt signaling pathways, modified for simplicity and with select miR-25 predicted targets listed.