Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 3 pp 277—290

The Werner syndrome helicase protein is required for cell proliferation, immortalization, and tumorigenesis in Scaffold Attachment Factor B1 deficient mice


Figure 4. Proliferating cells (stained with an antibody against PCNA) in the lung tissues from 19 days old mutant embryos. (A) Example of PCNA stained cells with DAB (brown color) in 19 days post-coitum embryonic lung sections (stained with hematoxilin) showing a major decrease in cell proliferation in Safb1-null/WrnΔhel/Δhelembryos compared to the other genotypes. Magnification 400X. (B) Average number of apoptotic figures per area of lung sections containing 1000 cells (n=3 embryos for each genotype) (*: unpaired student t-test P-value < 0.001 compared to wild type Safb1+/+/Wrn+/+animals; **: unpaired student t-test P-value < 0.0001 compared to wild type Safb1+/+/Wrn+/+animals).