Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 3 pp 277—290

The Werner syndrome helicase protein is required for cell proliferation, immortalization, and tumorigenesis in Scaffold Attachment Factor B1 deficient mice


Figure 5. Differential saturation density and growth properties of MEFs. (A) Growth curves of MEFs after 7-10 passages in culture (except for Safb1-null MEFs, which were measured at passage 24). Cells (5 × 104) from wild type (Wrn+/+/Safb1+/+), Safb1-null (Safb1−/−/Wrn+/+), and Safb1-null/WrnΔhel/Δhel (Safb1−/−/WrnΔhel/Δhel) embryos were plated in six-well plates as described in materials and methods. Cells were counted by trypan blue exclusion with a hemacytometer. (B) Histogram representing the growth rate of MEFs (from at least three embryos for each genotype) calculated from the growth curves in A. Bars represent the SEM. (Unpaired student t-test: *P < 0.000001 and **P < 0.026577 compared to wild type Wrn+/+/Safb1+/+animals). Growth rates were estimated as described in materials and methods.