Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 5 pp 509—514

Cockayne Syndrome B protein antagonizes OGG1 in modulating CAG repeat length in vivo


Figure 1. Intergenerational instability in HD mice deficient in different DNA repair enzymes. Bars represent the percentage of progeny that display no change (stable), expansion or deletion of the CAG repeats in mice that harbor the human HD transgene in R6/1 (R), n=8 (white); R6/1(−/+)/Ogg1(−/−) (O), n=8 (light grey), R6/1D(−/+)/Msh2(−/−) (M), n=12 (dark grey) and R6/1(−/+)/CSB(−/−) (C), n=10 (black). Genescan analysis was performed on tail DNA at 3 weeks of age. Repeat length changes ranged from −4 to +4. The asterisk indicates statistically significant differences in expansions and deletions as judged by Student's t-test (P<0.05).