Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 5 pp 509—514

Cockayne Syndrome B protein antagonizes OGG1 in modulating CAG repeat length in vivo


Figure 2. Somatic instability in HD mice deficient in different DNA repair enzymes. (A) Age-dependent somatic expansion in selected tissues of R6/1, R6/1(−/+)/CSB(−/−), R6/1(−/+)/OGG1(−/−), R6/1(−/+)/CSB(−/−)/OGG1(−/−) presented as the mean length change of CAG repeats and SD. Ages and tissues are indicated. The asterisks indicate statistically significant differences as judged by Student's t-test; P<0.01 for (*), (**) and (***). (B) CAG repeat distributions in somatic tissues of control R6/1 and CSB knock out mice. t1 is repeat distribution in tail at 3 weeks; while expansion at 39-42 weeks in shown in tail (t2), brain (br) and liver (lv). Vertical dashed line designates the major CAG length in the distributions measured in tail DNA at 3 weeks of age.