Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 5 pp 515—532

Mutations in the BRCT binding site of BRCA1 result in hyper-recombination


Figure 3. K1702M increases RAD51 foci and nuclear immuno-staining that co-localizes with RPA in irradiated HCC1937 cells. (A) HCC1937 cells infected with the indicated HD-Ad vectors were irradiated with 4 Gy or left unirradiated and stained for RAD51. Error bars show SEM from three independent experiments of 10 random fields with at least 100 cells per sample (**, P < 0.01; ***, P < 0.001). P = 0.0007 and 0.0053 when wild-type BRCA1 and K1702M unirradiated and irradiated cells were compared, respectively. The percentage of cells having bright RAD51 staining was <1% for wild-type BRCA1 and 4-7% for K1702M. (B) HCC1937 cells immuno-stained for RAD51 in A were re-stained for RPA.