Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 6 pp 621—634

Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry (SOCE) Contributes to Normal Skeletal Muscle Contractility in young but not in aged skeletal muscle


Figure 5. Reduced specific force in aged skeletal muscle associates with blunted [Ca2+]o dependence. (A) Maximal tetanic force normalized to the cross sectional area in young (red) and aged (green) EDL muscles (n = 12, * p < 0.001). (B) Intact EDL muscle from aged mice subjected to the same protocol as in Figs 2-3, demonstrates that NiCl2 lacks an effect in aged muscle. (C) Summary data for the effects of NiCl2 and washout after treatment (n = 8). (D) Summary data for the effects of 0[Ca2+]o and washout after treatment (n = 6).