Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 6 pp 584—596

Error-prone nonhomologous end joining repair operates in human pluripotent stem cells during late G2


Figure 5. The influence of NU7026 (50 μM) on the frequency of radiation-induced chromatid-type aberrations (D = 1 Gy) in hESKM05, hESKM05f and HS27. (A) NU7026 decreased radiation-induced chromatid exchanges to no-zero level in hESCs and had no effect on the level of exchanges in somatic cells. (B) NU7026 treatment resulted in significant increase of radiation-induced chromatid breaks in all cells studied. *, yield of chromosomal aberrations significantly differs from values observed in same cells non-treated with inhibitor, X2- test, p < 0.0001.