This article has been retracted.
Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 6 pp 597—608

Tunneling nanotubes mediate rescue of prematurely senescent endothelial cells by endothelial progenitors: exchange of lysosomal pool


Figure 1. Cumulative death (A), apoptosis (B) and premature senescence (C) of stressed endothelial cells and effects of co-culture with EPC. (A and B) Representative flow cytometric analysis of VAD-FMK positive cells and 7AAD positive cells. Percentage positive cells are shown. (C) Representative images of cells expressing senescence-associated β-galactosidase. Note that co-culture with EPC improved viability and reduced the proportion of senescent endothelial cells, whereas pre-treatment of EPC with cytochalasin B (CytoB) partially annihilated this effect. Asterisks depict p< 0.05 (A) and (B) n=4; (C) n=9, Bars 30μm.