Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 6 pp 576—583

New comparative genomics approach reveals a conserved health span signature across species


Figure 2. Comparison of different longevity interventions in D. melanogaster. (A) The Venn diagram generated by the list comparison algorithm when comparing DR in the same fly strain (Canton-S) in two different tissues (WB = whole body versus HT = head-thorax) shows a relatively small intersection (78 up-regulated genes). (B) A much larger intersection was detected when comparing DR in two different fly strains (yw, w1118 and Canton-S) but in the same tissue (1641 up-regulated and 1564 down-regulated genes). (C) Consistently, a very small overlap was detected when the comparison was done across tissues and fly strains (25 up-regulated genes). (D) A significant overlap of 20 up-regulated genes was found between the resveratrol and Sir2 datasets, despite the two datasets used different genetic backgrounds and tissues. (E) Hierarchical clustering of the different mouse gene expression datasets from Pearson et al. [17], which include two levels of resveratrol treatment (low and high), DR and four tissues: heart, white adipose tissue, liver and skeletal muscle. The clustering reveals a strong tissue effect: different interventions in the same tissue are clustered together.