Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 8 pp 768—781

PaCATB, a secreted catalase protecting Podospora anserina against exogenous oxidative stress


Figure 1. Identification of age-regulated secreted proteins. For identification of age-regulated proteins, 400 μg secreted proteins of either juvenile or senescent wild-type were first separated by 2D SDS-PAGE using IPG strips of pH 3-10. The gels were silver stained and spots with differing abundance between juvenile and senescent probes were picked and analyzed by mass spectrometry. The table shows the proteins which were identified in spots 1-8. Different parameters clarifying protein identification by MS are indicated: accession number from UniProt database, mascot score (> 56 is significant at P < 0.05), % sequence coverage, no of matched peptides (MS), and no. of sequenced peptides (MS/MS).