Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 8 pp 768—781

PaCATB, a secreted catalase protecting Podospora anserina against exogenous oxidative stress


Figure 3. Verification of PaCatB deletion and PaCatB over-expression strains. A. Probes of 10 μg secreted protein of wild-type, PaCatB deletion strain (ΔPaCatB) and the three independent PaCatB over-expression strains (PaCatB_OEx1-3) were analyzed by Western blot analysis and an ‘in-gel’ catalase activity assay (6-20 % separating gel). PaCATB was detected via a specific antibody against catalase B in P. anserina (Anti-PaCATB). The Coomassie stained PVDF membrane was used as a loading control of secreted protein probes. The activity of PaCATB is visualized as highlighted bands. Accession numbers: PaCATB: Q9HDP5 (UniProt). B Catalase activity was quantified by measuring the photometric hydrogen peroxide degradation of secreted protein probes of wild-type (n=2, p-value: p<0.01), PaCatB deletion strain (ΔPaCatB, n=9) and the three independent PaCatB over-expression strains (PaCatB_OEx1-3, n=9). The percentage absorption decrease at 240 nm per time represents the catalase activity. Error bars are ± SEM.