Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 8 pp 768—781

PaCATB, a secreted catalase protecting Podospora anserina against exogenous oxidative stress


Figure 6. Examination of catalase activity during oxidative stress conditions. Whole cell protein was extracted from mycelia grown on PASM for four days in the dark on media containing different hydrogen peroxide concentrations (0, 0.75, 3 mM H2O2). 40 μg protein of wild-type strain, deletion strain (ΔPaCatB) and an over-expressing strain (PaCatB_OEx3) were analyzed by an ‘in-gel’ catalase activity assay (10 % separating gel). Catalase activities differing from PaCATB are marked as PaCATX. A Coomassie stained gel loaded with 40 μg of the same protein aliquot was used as a loading control.