Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 8 pp 782—793

Mechanisms of chemotherapy-induced human ovarian aging: double strand DNA breaks and microvascular compromise


Figure 3. Induction of DSBs and apoptotic follicle death by doxorubicin in xenografted SCID mouse ovaries. Ovaries of xenografted SCID mice were recovered 24h after a single injection of doxorubicin 10 mg/kg and stained for γH2AX and AC3. A) γH2AX-positive primordial follicle oocytes (highlighted) in lower magnification. Note γH2AX staining in granulosa cells but not the oocyte of the adjacent preantral follicle. B) Higher magnification of the primordial follicle in solid square with yH2AX staining. C) The same primordial follicle in B shows AC3-positive staining on the adjacent section, suggesting that DSBs induced apoptotic follicle death. D) Negative control. Primary antibody omitted, same follicle as in B & C, on adjacent section, E) Higher magnification of γH2AX-positive primordial follicle from panel A, in dashed square. F) AC3-positive staining of the same follicle in D on adjacent section.