Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 8 pp 782—793

Mechanisms of chemotherapy-induced human ovarian aging: double strand DNA breaks and microvascular compromise


Figure 4. The impact of doxorubicin on vascular density in ovarian cortical pieces. A-C) CD31-positive blood vessels in human ovarian cortical pieces cultured with different doses of doxorubicin for 72h. Doxorubicin treatment results in decreased density of blood vessels in a dose dependent manner. Vehicle-treated control. E) CD31-positive blood vessels are shown at baseline in ovarian tissue. F) Doxorubicin caused a significant decrease in ovarian vascular density after 72h for all doses but not 24h culture compared to controls at all three doses tested. G) Doxorubicin-induced necrosis and stromal cell death in vitro (red arrow). H&I) Similar to in vitro experiments, doxorubicin reduced vascular density in xenografts compared to vehicle-treated control xengrafts. Black arrows show CD31-positive blood vessels in human ovarian cortical pieces.

* Significantly different from the control (72h).