Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 10 pp 968—984

Characterization of spontaneously generated prion-like conformers in cultured cells


Figure 1. Detection of untreated and PK-treated PrP from three types of cultured cells with 3F4 and 1E4. B: Immunofluorescence detection of untreated and treated PrP with 3F4 and 1E4. Panels I-III: Cells expressing human PrPWt. Panels IV-VI: Cells expressing human PrPT183A. Panels VII-IX: Cells expressing human PrPF198S. Panels I, IV, and VII: Staining with 3F4. Panels II, V, and VIII: Staining with 1E4. Panels III, VI, and IX: Staining without anti-PrP antibodies. Panels X and XI: Wild-type cells staining with 1E4 before and after PK-treatment. Panels XII and XIII: Wild-type cells staining with 3F4 before and after PK-treatment.