Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 10 pp 985—1002

Circulatory miR-34a as an RNA-based, noninvasive biomarker for brain aging


Figure 1. Age-dependent expression levels of two miRNAs in blood and tissue samples of C57/B6 mice. A graphical representation of expression levels of miRNAs using qualitative PCR, represented as 1/ΔCt values as box plots for brain, PBMC and plasma samples. Age groups included are from early to old age [from 2 days (d) to 25 months (m)]. Panel (A) shows composite graphs for expression of miR-34a, while panel (B) shows the levels of expression of miR-196a in brain, PBMCs, and plasma. (n = 3; three different animals were used from each age group selected for the study.)