Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 10 pp 985—1002

Circulatory miR-34a as an RNA-based, noninvasive biomarker for brain aging


Figure 4. Age-dependent expression levels of Bcl-2 in blood and brain tissue samples of C57/B6 mice. Western blot analysis for Bcl-2 levels in age groups from 2 days (d) to 25 months (m); panels (A-B-C) Bcl-2 expression normalized with Ponceau S stained bands in plasma, and with β-actin in brain and PBMC samples, along with histograms presenting average Bcl-2 expression densitometric values; (D) Composite graph presenting Bcl-2 expression in plasma, PBMC and brain samples as average densitometric intensity. All graphs represent Mean ± SD. n = 3; three different mice from each age group.