Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 9 pp 846—851

Inhibition of Polo-like kinase 1 reduces beta-amyloid-induced neuronal cell death in Alzheimer's disease


Figure 4. Depletion of Plk1 prevents Aβ-induced cell death and DNA replication in neuronal PC12 cells. (A) Depletion of Plk1 in PC12 cells. One day after PC12 cells were differentiated with NGF, cells were infected with lentiviruses targeting nt1424 or 593 of Plk1, treated with Aβ25-35 on day 4 of post-NGF treatment, and harvested for Western blotting. R1424 and R593 indicate two different targeting sequences on rat Plk1. (B) Cells described in (A) were subjected to cell death assay. (C) Cells described in (A) were subjected to BrdU labeling assay. *P<0.05.