Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 10 pp 1003—1017

Ishemia-Reperfusion enhances GAPDH nitration in aging skeletal muscle


Figure 1. GAPDH pool levels in plantaris/FHL lysate from young mice. Protein (30 μg) from total muscle cell lysates of plantaris/FHL from young mice (6-7 months) subjected to two hours of ischemia were separated by SDS-PAGE, transferred to PVDF membrane, and blotted with anti-GAPDH antibody. (A) Group I: No reperfusion, showed no significant difference. Group II: One day reperfusion shows that GAPDH levels decreased, but not significantly. Groups III and IV: Three and five days reperfusion, respectively, showed a significant reduction in GAPDH immunoreactive pool levels (p = 0.0004 and p = 0.007, respectively). Group V: Seven days reperfusion showed no significant difference between control and I/R muscle samples. (B) A bar graph showing the statistical differences in GAPDH pool levels in response to 2 hours of ischemia and 1-7 days of reperfusion.