Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 10 pp 1003—1017

Ishemia-Reperfusion enhances GAPDH nitration in aging skeletal muscle


Figure 5. Western blot analysis of total tyrosine nitration of plantaris/FHL lysate from young mice following I/R. (A) Tyrosine nitration of whole cell lysate of glycolytic skeletal muscle from young (6-7 months) mice with 2 hours ischemia and variable lengths of reperfusion was examined by Western blot. C = contralateral control; Is = I/R; Group I = no reperfusion; Group II = 1 day reperfusion; Group III = 3 days reperfusion; Group IV = 5 days reperfusion, and Group V = 7 days reperfusion. (B) Densitometric analysis shows no statistically significant differences in levels of overall nitration.