Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 11 pp 1110—1119

Effects of the mitochondria-targeted antioxidant SkQ1 on lifespan of rodents


Figure 4. Effect of SkQ1 on the lifespan of male and female BALB/c mice. The specific pathogen free (SPF) vivarium of the Shemyakin and Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry in Moscow was used. During the first year, 10 males were housed in each cage. Thereafter they were individually housed. Cages with females contained 10 animals during their entire life. A total of 440 mice were studied. Two SkQ1 concentrations were used, 1 and 30 nmol/kg per day. Results of the two SkQ1-receiving groups were combined. For males, p < 0.05 for the SkQ1-induced increase in lifespan.