Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 12 pp 1192—1201

Robust nuclear lamina-based cell classification of aging and senescent cells


Figure 2. Successful cell classification in cells expressing mutations in lamina proteins. Confocal images of a typical cell expressing lamin A (LA)-R220Q-GFP (A), lamin B (LB)-L158D-GFP or wild-type lamin A-GFP after FKC8 activation (B). Scale bars are 5 μm. Cells expressing WT-LA-GFP are at passage 4 or 9 (PS 4; i), (PS 9; ii) or FKC8-activated (iii). Cells expressing LA-R220Q-GFP, LB L158D-GFP are on passage 5. Scatter plots show the distribution of intensity and curvature in individual cells. Cell numbers are: N4 = 28, N9 = 40; NR220Q = 21; NL158D = 23 and NFKC8-activated = 20. Arrows indicate cells at passage 9 with high curvature values. A dotted line of the classifier indicates that classification is indistinguishable from a random assignment. (C) Table shows cross-validations of the classification error ± standard deviation for a test including curvature, intensity and skewness. Asterisk indicates significant classification, p < 0.01.