Research Paper Volume 4, Issue 1 pp 13—27

Deficiency of the lipid synthesis enzyme, DGAT1, extends longevity in mice


Figure 3. Longevity-related parameters in female Dgat1−/− mice. (A) Reduced serum IGF-1 levels in middle-aged Dgat1−/− mice (p< 0.05; n= 9-10). (B) Similar serum insulin levels observed in young and middle-aged WT and Dgat1−/− mice (n= 8-13). (C) Reduced fecundity in female Dgat1−/− mice (*p<0.005; n= 11 litters/genotype). “Young” and “Middle-aged” refer to ages 3–4 mo and 14–16 mo, respectively. Values are reported ± SEM.