Research Paper Volume 4, Issue 1 pp 28—39

TP53 codon 72 polymorphism affects accumulation of mtDNA damage in human cells


Figure 5. Measurements on mtDNA of stably transfected PC3 cells. Cells were exposed to 10 nM rotenone for 6h, 72h, and 6g and recovery until 72h (6h+r). (A) copy number assessed by Real-time PCR. Data are expressed as ratio between the levels of ND1 and actin genes, and are the average value of three separate measurements ± st. dev. White columns: p53R72 expressing cells; black columns: p53P72 expressing cells. (B) Nested PCR specific for the 4,977 bp deletion. A representative experiment out of three is showed. 1,5: control; 2,6: 6h; 3,7: 6h+r; 4,8: 72h; Δ4,977: DNA from a subject carrying the 4,977 bp deletion. C: Long PCR for multiple mtDNA deletions. Numbers legend as in B; M: marker 1 Kb; C: non-transfected PC3 cells; N: DNA from PBMC of a young subject.