Research Paper Volume 4, Issue 1 pp 60—73

Reprogrammed keratinocytes from elderly type 2 diabetes patients suppress senescence genes to acquire induced pluripotency


Figure 6. Guided in vitro differentiation of patient iPS cells into insulin-producing islet-like cells. iPS cells, differentiated through step-wise differentiation, were analyzed by immunocytochemistry for stage-specific markers at day 5 (A), 14 (B), 24 (C) and 29 (D and E). Scale bars indicate 50 μm for A, B, C and E (left panel), 10 μm for D and E (middle and right panels) and an alternative antibody (Abcam, #ab47267) against PDX1 is shown in E (right panel). (F) RT-PCR analysis of the mRNA of SW4#N1 clone, harvested at differentiation day 0, 16 and 29, confirmed the expression of insulin (INS), glucagon (GCG), somatostatin (SST), glucose transporter 2 (GLUT2) on day 29. α-tubulin was used as control (TUBUA).