Research Paper Volume 4, Issue 4 pp 279—289

Rapamycin increases oxidative stress response gene expression in adult stem cells


Figure 2. Rapamycin inhibits testis growth and reduces body weight. (A) Testes from mice chronically treated with rapamycin for 2 weeks (days 12 through 25) were significantly smaller in size. Representative images of a rapamycin-exposed testis (right) and a control vehicle-exposed testis (left). (B) Rapamycin-exposed mouse testes exhibited significantly diminished weights (12.60 ± 0.492 mg vs 33.52 ± 0.968 mg average testis weight; N=10, ***p<0.001). (C) Body weights of rapamycin-exposed mice were significantly reduced (8.783 ± 0.155 g vs 13.35 ± 0.345 g average body weight; N=5, ***p<0.001). (D) When controlled for body weight, rapamycin-exposed testes exhibited significantly lower values (1.44 mg/g body weight vs. 2.52 mg/g body weight; N=5, ***p<0.001).