Research Paper Volume 4, Issue 6 pp 402—416

Cardioprotective mIGF-1/SIRT1 signaling induces hypertension, leukocytosis and fear response in mice


Figure 4. Leukocytosis and cardiac expression of genes involved in the immune response. (A) Blood was extracted from the tail vain of WT, mIGF-1 Tg mice and mIGF-1; SIRT1 CKO mice and was processed for Hemavet analysis to quantify WBC types: neutrophiles (NE), lymphocytes (LY), monocytes (MO), eosinophiles (EO) and basophiles (BA). Results are means ± SE of 5-11 animals for each genotype (*,** p versus WT mice). (B) The expression levels of lymphocyte antigene 86, CXCL14, C3, CD53 antigen, CCL21A, CCL21B and CCR2 mRNAs were examined by Real Time-PCR in the heart of WT, mIGF-1 Tg and mIGF-1 Tg; SIRT1 CKO mice. Results are means ± SE of 5 animals for each genotype (*,**p versus WT mice).